14 Best Blogging Platforms To Start Blogging Journey In 2021

Best Blogging Platforms To start your Blogging Journey Blogging Partner

If you want to know which is the best blogging platform or confused about how to choose the best blogging platform to start your own blog Then you’re in the right place. 

Today I will tell you about the 14 best blogging platforms in 2021 to start your blogging career. 

Before talking about the List and best blogging platforms, first identify the features you need in that platform like you need a simple blog, a static blog, dynamic blog, business websites blog, etc. 

According to that, choose your best blogging software because if you choose the wrong blogging platform, it will hurt your blog traffic or blog services when you want to switch the platform.

Choosing a wrong blogging platform is one of the very common mistake that many armature bloggers make

All these 14 blogging platforms are very popular in the online industry and generally used for different purposes. 

But the most popular and the best blogging platform is WordPress.org. You can use WordPress.org to make all types of websites,

Best Blogging Platforms In 2021 (Not In Ranking Order)- 

  1. WordPress.org (Best Blogging Platform) [My Recommendation]
  2. Wix.com (Easy to use for creating a website with limited Features and Integrations)
  3. Blogger.com (Best to Start when low on budget)
  4. Constantcontact.com 
  5. Gator.com (Website builder from Hostgator)
  6. WordPress.com (Best to understand how to use WordPress [limited features])
  7. Tumblr.com 
  8. Medium.com (Best if you like Content Writing, you can get paid based on time spent by users on your blog post)
  9. Squarespace.com 
  10. Ghost.org 
  11. Linkedin.com (Best Blogging platform for Getting or targeting Business user)
  12. Instagram.com (Best if you are good at sharing information with pictures)
  13. Facebook.com (Best to Start and build community with your audience)
  14. Livejournal.com 
  15. Quora.com (Best to start your blogging)


Best Blogging Platforms WordPress.org
Best Blogging Platforms WordPress.org

WordPress.org is the world’s most popular platform which people prefer most to start a blog. 

And If you want to start a blog where you write about your interest or want to start a blog that can earn a lot of money, then wordpress.org is the best option for you. 

WordPress.org was started in 2003, almost 30% of websites on the internet are running on WordPress.org. 

WordPress.org is a free blogging platform. You don’t need to pay any kind of money to start a blog on WordPress.org. 

But it would be best if you connected it, which costs you some money because WordPress is a self-hosted solution platform where you own your blog with full responsibility and control. 

WordPress.org Pros

  1. WordPress.org gives you full control and ownership of your blog. 
  2. You grow your blog very fast on WordPress and add additional features like an online store, paid membership, and guest writing, which is very helpful to grow your blog fast. 
  3. WordPress provides thousands of helpful themes and plugins to make your blog beautiful and SEO friendly to rank. 

WordPress.org Cons

  1. WordPress.org is not very easy to understand. That’s why you need to learn about who to use WordPress.org first. 
  2. In WordPress.org, you are the owner of your blog. That’s why WordPress is not responsible for your blog security and backups. So you need to secure your websites on your own. 

WordPress Pricing

WordPress is a free software for blogging.

You will need to need to invest in domain name and web hosting to start a blog on that.

Hosting Plans from Hostinger start from $0.99 per month

If You want to Start your blog on WordPress.org than read my guide on how to start a blog


Best Blogging Platforms WIX.com
Best Blogging Platforms WIX.com

Wix is a website builder platform where you can host your website. It offers solutions for small businesses who have a small budget but want to start a big website with almost all features and ease to use. 

In Wix, you just need to drag and drop to customize or add any features. So you can say that Wix.com is very easy to handle and operate. 

You are also able to add a blog to your website through the Wix Blog app. 

Wix Pros

  1. You can customize your blog easily through the dozens of templates and third-party apps. 
  2. No coding skills are required to build a blog or website. You just need to drag and drop to build a website or blog. 
  3. Fast and easy to set up. 

Wix Cons

  1. For additional features, you need to pay an extra amount of money. 
  2. Once you select the template you want, then you cannot change it again.
  3. Limited Free third party apps. 

Wix Pricing

If you use Wix.com basic plan, then you get a subdomain that you can use free of cost. 

To add a custom domain, you need to purchase their paid plans from a starting price of $4.50/month. 


Best Blogging Platforms Blogger.com
Best Blogging Platforms Blogger.com

Blogger.com is the free platform of Google, which is created for blogging purposes. 

It is one of the oldest blogging platforms in the blogging industry. And millions of blogs are hosted on this platform.

To start blogging on this platform, you need to create a Google account and sign up for Blogger.com. 

Blogger.com Pros

  1. Blogger.com gives you the best and most powerful Web Hosting in the world of Google.
  2. Blogger.com is free and easy to manage. 
  3. Blogger.com is the most secure platform to build a website. No one can hack blogger.com because it has the security of Google. 

Blogger.com Cons

  • Blogger.com only provides the basic features of a simple blog. To add additional features is very difficult for bloggers. 
  • Templates and themes are limited in blogger.com, and when you use third-party themes, they cannot provide high quality. 
  • Blogger.com doesn’t provide new features to its users. You only get old features that are present in bloggers for years. 
  • In Blogger.com, you are not the blog’s owner, so that blogger.com can delete your blog anytime he wants without any warming. 

Blogger.com Pricing

Blogger.com is a free platform for blogging. 


Best Blogging Platforms Constant Contact
Best Blogging Platforms Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the Website Builder with AI intelligence. That allows you to create free blogs, websites, and online stores easily within a minute. And host your website free of cost on their platforms. 

Constant Contact provides a large number of templates to design your blogs beautifully. Provide you to drag and drop features that make it easy to customize your blog according to your choice. 

They also provide various tools to improve your blog like Logo Maker, Professional photo stocks, online stores, and a lot more. 

Constant Contact Pros

  1. You don’t need any technical knowledge to build a blog or website because it provides you with an easy to use drag and drop option. 
  2. Fast And Easy setup of blogs. 
  3. Host your blog free of cost And provide you an amazing hosting free of cost, which can handle a high traffic load.
  4. You get a free SSL certificate in Constantcontact.com. 

Constant Contact Cons

  1. Don’t provide thousands of plugins like WordPress, which helps run a blog or website. 
  2. Limited Integration with other third party software and platforms. 
  3. Migration is difficult in Constantcontact.com. 

Constant Contact Pricing – 

ConstantContact.com gives you a free trial of 60 days. After that, you need to pay 10$ per month to continue. 


Best Blogging Platforms Gator.com
Best Blogging Platforms Gator.com

Gator is a website builder that is used for a blogging platform created by Hostgator. 

But don’t be confused about it because Hostgator is a web hosting provider, and Gator is the website builder, which is generally used for blogging. 

It is effortless to use. You need to drag and drop to build a great website. 

Gator.com Pros

  1. Easy to customize by drag and drop builder. 
  2. No technical knowledge is required to set up. 
  3. Websites Backups, Security, And Performance are handled by the Hostgator team.
  4. Gator provides a free SSL certificate and Free Domain to use. 
  5. You can open an online store in Gator in just a few clicks. 

Gator.com Cons

  1. No Free Account Available to test their services. 
  2. E-commerce features are only present in higher plans. 
  3. Limited extensions, software, and apps compared to WordPress. 

Gator Pricing

You can use Gator at the price of $3.46/month. 


Best Blogging Platforms WordPress.com
Best Blogging Platforms WordPress.com

WordPress.com is a free blogging platform which is created to attract more audience towards WordPress.org.

WordPress.com gives you the same feel and experience as WordPress.org, free of cost with a subdomain. 

You can also use a custom domain on it, but this platform has some restrictions. And through that, you are only able to create simple blogs. 

WordPress.com Pros

  1. No setup required and technical skill required. 
  2. Easy to use and simple to manage. 
  3. Provide free hosting to run the blog. 

WordPress.com Cons

  1. You cannot use a custom theme and plugins on it. 
  2. You cannot show Adsense ads. 
  3. You are not the owner of your blog. That’s why WordPress.com can suspend your blog anytime they want. 

WordPress Pricing

WordPress.com is a free blogging platform. 


Best Blogging Platforms Tumblr.com
Best Blogging Platforms Tumblr.com

Tumblr.com is also a free blogging platform but different from other blogging platforms because tumble.com is a microblogging platform with social networking features like likes, shares, blogs, etc. 

Tumblr.com Pros

  1. Tumblr is a free blogging platform with a subdomain. But you are also able to connect it with Custom Domain. 
  2. Tumble is easy to understand and set up because it looks like social media.
  3. It is integrated with social media features. 
  4. Because it is a microblogging tool, Tumblr quickly blogs the videos, images, GIF, and audio formats. 

Tumblr.com Cons

  1. To grow a blog on a huge scale is not possible with Tumblr. 
  2. Tumblr themes are simple. They do not offer additional features that make you grow your blog. 
  3. In Tumblr, it isn’t easy to import your blog on other blogging platforms.

Tumblr.com Pricing

Tumblr is a free platform to start blogging. You don’t need any money to start blogging on it. 

But if you want a custom domain and additional themes, you need some money to start on it. 


Best Blogging Platforms Medium.com
Best Blogging Platforms Medium.com

Medium is a blogging platform that looks like a social media site where writers, bloggers, journalists, and experts write their articles in stories. 

Medium is one of the most famous platforms for blogging and writing articles. Medium also pays you to write an article on that if you join their monetization feature. 

To start blogging on medium.com, you just need to sign up. And then you get a profile where you can write whatever you want in stories. 

Medium.com Pros

  1. If you want to rank on Google very fast, then Medium is a good option for you. Because Medium.com has a very high authority in Google. 
  2. In medium.com, you don’t need coding skills. You need to create an account on it. To start your blog. 
  3. You are easily able to connect with other bloggers in the Medium.com Community. 

Medium.com Cons

  1. Creating a Brand is Difficult in Medium.com because you use the brand name of Medium.com on Google. 
  2. If you Swift from Medium.com to other blogging platforms, you lose all your followers.
  3. In Medium.com, you aren’t able to use your Custom Domain name. You just get a profile, where you can write articles. 
  4. Medium.com gives you limited options to earn money from your blog, which is a big drawback. 

Medium.com Pricing

Medium.com is a free platform for blogging. You don’t need to pay any kind of money to start a blog on it. You can upgrade your plan on medium if you want to read unlimited blogs on it 


Best Blogging Platforms Squarespace.com
Best Blogging Platforms Squarespace.com

Squarespace.com is a website builder created for small businesses, but you can also run a blog easily on it. 

You need to drag and drop what features you need in your blog or websites. It is a trusted blogging platform where millions of blogs and websites are running on the internet. 

Squarespace.com Pros

  1. You don’t need any technical skills to handle Squarespace.com because it is easy to use, and you need to drag and drop whatever you want. 
  2. Squarespace.com templates and themes design are so beautiful, which make your blog look professional. 
  3. It provides a separate domain name with an SSL certificate and E-commerce.

SquareSpace.com Pricing 

SquareSpace.com has different prices for their different services like e-commerce and website builders. 

But you can start a blog easily at the price of $16/month. 


Best Blogging Platforms ghost
Best Blogging Platforms ghost

Ghost.org is a minimalist blogging platform that is focused on writing the best blog posts. Ghost.org provide main two services, 

  1. You can host your blog on their platform. 
  2. You can host your blog on your purchase web hosting platform. 

Ghost.org Pros

  1. Ghost.org is one of the best platforms for blogging because it focuses on writing.
  2. Very simple interface to understand. 
  3. Superfast speed, because it is written in Javascript. 
  4. No setup is required in the hosted version of Ghost.org. 

Ghost.org Cons

  1. Customization is difficult. 
  2. Because Ghost.org has a simple interface, that’s why the features and options are limited in it. 
  3. Not provide different themes and templates to design your blog. 
  4. If you want to connect web hosting to it. Then set up and installation is complicated.

Ghost.org Pricing 

If you self-host your blog, it will cost you $14.99 per year for the domain and 7.99 per month for web hosting. 

And if you purchase a hosted version of it, it will cost you $29/month. 


Best Blogging Platforms Linkedin.com
Best Blogging Platforms Linkedin.com

If you want to start a blog to sell your Skills, Services, and Talent, then Linkedin is best for you to start a business blog. 

It is a blogging platform where you can get Jobs and Clients through your articles and posts. 

Linkedin.com Pros

  1. Linkedin is the best blogging platform if you want to provide some services to business owners. 
  2. It is one of the most profitable blogging platforms to earn money. 
  3. If you focus on B2B businesses, then it is the best place for you. 
  4. You can also use blogs on Linkedin to get a good job as most of the companies are active on Linkedin and if you have related blogs on it you can get notice you via your blog and

Linkedin.com Cons

  1. Linkedin.com is a perfect platform for blogging, but most people only want jobs. 2. Linkedin is a business and jobs platform finding platform, so blog about any other topics on it. Then you aren’t able to get a good response. 

Linkedin.com Pricing

Linkedin is free to use as a blogging platform. 


Best Blogging Platforms Instagram.com
Best Blogging Platforms Instagram.com

We all know about Instagram because it is one of the most popular social media sites, but can you know it is also one of the best blogging platforms. 

Yes, guys. Instagram is a huge Blogging Platform because its user base is over 1 billion now. You can use Instagram captions to do blogging, and there is huge scope in it. 

Because many people don’t understand the power of Instagram blogging. 

Kylie Jenner makes billions of dollars through this blogging method. If she can do that, then you are also able to do that. 

Instagram Pros

  1. Instagram has a Huge audience of over 1 billion to grab. 
  2. Low competition compared to other blogging platforms because millions of new users are joining daily on Instagram.
  3. Best blogging platform to build a personal brand. 

Instagram Cons

  1. It is not built as a blogging platform, so most of the audience does not consume writing information compared to images and videos. 

Instagram Pricing

Instagram is free to use as a blogging platform. 


Best Blogging Platforms Facebook.com
Best Blogging Platforms Facebook.com

People know Facebook as a social media site, but It is also a great blogging platform because Facebook has the world’s biggest user base with over a billion people. 

And allow you to write, post, and show whatever you want. 

And almost all people who have a mobile or some technical knowledge. They all can use Facebook without problems. 

And many bloggers, companies, and entrepreneurs are using Facebook as a big opportunity to build a huge audience base on Facebook to sell their products and services. 

Through Facebook stories, pages, groups, ads, etc., by doing blogging. 

Facebook.com Pros as Blogging Platform 

  1. Help to promote your personal brand and websites. 
  2. You can reach more people in a little amount of time. 
  3. You can create followers fast. 

Facebook.com Cons as a blogging platform

  1. On Facebook.com, most of the audience is not interested in consuming written content compared to other content like images and videos. 


Best Blogging Platforms LiveJournal
Best Blogging Platforms LiveJournal

Live Journal is also a good blogging platform, but it is not good to earn money from it. So if you only want to write and practice writing, then this platform is good for you.

LiveJournal.com Pros –

  1. It is made for writing purposes, so it is a great platform for people who want to read your article. 
  2. It is a community where you can find other bloggers and writers. And you can talk to them and learn from them easily. 
  3. You don’t need to build your audience because LiveJournal’s audience base can read your article if it is great. 

LiveJournal.com Cons

  1. Money Making is Difficult in LiveJournal.com because the monetization options are very few. 
  2. Creating a personal brand in LiveJournal.com is very difficult compared to wordpress.org, Linkedin, Instagram, And Facebook. 


Best Blogging Platforms Quora.com
Best Blogging Platforms Quora.com

Quora.com is mainly a question answers site where people ask their questions and one who know the answer can answer that question and help other

But Quora can also be used as a blogging platform as their you can post your knowledge and blog post is categorized by relevant topics.

There are over 300,000 topics to choose from. which means there will be a category for the blog which you will be writing about and readers following that category

Quora Pros

  1. Quora is free to use
  2. Quora already have an audience, when you write on Quora it introduces you to a new audience
  3. Quora lets you make money from writing on their platform, with the Quora partner program.
  4. Quora have a website and app both, so if you want you can easily write your blog posts using your mobile as well.

Quora Cons

  1. You Don’t have control on that site, so if you violate any Quora terms your account can get suspended.


I have been used all these platforms in the last 3 to 4 years. 

All the platforms are good in one way or other.

To start blogging and earn money, you need to do small investment in hosting and domain and use the best blogging platform which is WordPress.org

As you get all the controls over your website and you can easily add any feature you need to your website by adding a plugin in WordPress

Thank you for reading this article Please share your review down below and also tell me which platform you have choose and what you like and dislike in it

If you need any help in creating a website or choosing a blogging platform or hosting you can contact me or comment down below

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