Best Payment Gateway for Woocommerce in India

Best Payment Gateway for Woocommerce website in India BloggingPartner

If you searching for the best payment gateway for woocommerce in India than you according to my experience should choose Razorpay or Instamojo.

You can easily integrate the mentioned payment gateways to the woo-commerce website just by installing a WordPress plugin.

If you want to collect payments from your woo-commerce site than you should use Razorpay as it is easy to integrate and provide enough functionality to start your e-commerce business and if you want to add an affiliate option to your products then you can use Instamojo as your payment gateway.

A few months ago I have created an eCommerce website for my client on WordPress using woo-commerce, at that time I had to integrate a payment gateway to his site, which leads me to this research

After researching on the internet and talking to many salespeople of many payment gateways I came up with this list of best payment gateway for woocommerce in India you can use with your website to collect payment

Razorpay (Recommended)Instamojo CCavenuePayuCashFree
Transaction  Charges2%2% + 3 Rs2% to 4.99% + Annual charges after first year2% + GST1.75% to 3.5% + ₹ 7 
WooCommerce IntegrationYesYesYesYesYes
International PaymentsYesNoYesYesYes
Annual maintenance chargesNoNoYesNoNo
Recurring paymentsYesNoYesYesYes
Gst InvoicingYesYesYesYesYes
Split PaymentsYesNoNoNoNo
Start-Up FriendlyYesYesNoNoNo.
Sign Up LinkSign up RazorpaySign up InstamojoSign Up CCavenueSign Up PayuSign Up CashFree

Best Woocommerce Payment Gateway in India

Razorpay (Recommended)

Razorpay is one of the best and most trusted payment gateways in India.

Razorpay lets us accept payment through various sources, including Indian debit card credit card, net banking, UPI, and even some wallets.

It is very easy to integrate Razorpay with the woo-commerce WordPress website just by installing a WordPress plugin within a few easy steps.

Razorpay has a very user-friendly dashboard using which you can track your payments easily.

You can create your own branded payment page via Razorpay as well, like if your client has placed an order via phone and only need to collect the client’s payment, you can send that link to him soo that he easily and quickly makes the purchase.

You can also start accepting payment via Razorpay, even if you don’t have your business registered. So if you are just starting your e-commerce website, you can quickly start it with Razorpay.

One of Razorpay’s best features is it lets you accept reoccurring payments, which not many payment gateways allow in India. 

With Razorpay, you can easily configure auto pay if you have a product or a reoccurring service. You can easily accept payment through razor pay, and you can charge your clients automatically after your period. It is exceptionally best suited to subscription-based clients as well.

Razorpay also offers an “Affordability suite” using which your customer can purchase high price products and pay using credit/debit card EMI or use RazrPay pay later option.

Razorpay also offers “Route” functionality using which split incoming payments to individual accounts, make vendor payouts, manage marketplace money flow, and much more

Sign up for Razorpay from here and start collecting payment from your customers 


Instamojo Is also one of the excellent payment providers for India.

Using Instamojo, you can create a payment link. 

You can easily connect your woo-commerce WordPress website with Instamojo using its plugin.

Instamojo also lets you create a shop on their platform, which you also can use as your store.

Instamojo provides smooth and effortless check out for from your website.

One of the most famous features of Instamojo is that it lets you create affiliate of your product to add affiliate and if anyone purchases through an affiliate link, your affiliate will get a commission automatically.

By adding affiliates to a product, you can easily use your sales just by sharing a small amount of percentage with your affiliates. 

Sign up for Instamojo from here and start collecting payment from your customers 


CCavenue is also Top used payment gateways in India.

CCavenue lets you accept all types of payment modes within the Country.

CCavenue also lets you accept International payments in 27 major foreign currencies.

CCavenue lets you to do iframe integration so that your user can make payments and check out quickly, and it enables you to do dynamic checkout as well. 

CCavenue also provides multi-language checkout page support, which means you can target local people easily in their language.

CCavenue supports 8 Indian languages and 9 foreign languages as well. 

One of the drawbacks of using CCavenue is that you have to pay annual software up-gradation charges every year of rupees 1200, which is waived off the first year from the activation date.

CCAvenue also offer “CCAvenue PhonePay” which let you to collect payments securely over the telephone through an automated voice prompt driven process.

Compared to other payment gateway providers who charge around 2% of the payment, CCavenue charges percent per transaction with annual software up-gradation charges every year. 


Payu is also a known payment gateway provider in India.

Payu lets you to take payment via cards, net banking, UPI, wallets, EMI options, and buy now and pay later option is also available.

Payu also lets you make international payments from your customers.

Payu easily integrates its payment gateway for more than 25 + E-Commerce platform.

The site is under development, or you are thinking of creating a website you can use to pay you to create your eCommerce website. 


CashFree is One of the new payment gateway Gateway providers in India compare to mentioned above.

CashFree Provide 100+ Payment options, including 70 + net banking options, UPI, Paytm, and other wallets, EMI, and pay later options are also available.

CashFree allows taking international payments in more than 30+ foreign currencies.

Using CashFree, you can also charged reoccurring payments from your clients.

Using CashFree, you can easily integrate with your woo-commerce website using a WordPress plugin. 

CashFree Pricing ranges from 1.75% per transaction to (3.5% plus 7 rupees) per transaction, which depends on the type of transaction and the transaction’s currency. 


All the mentioned payment are Best Payment Gateway For Woocommerce website in India.

If you are just starting your ecommerce store I would highly suggest you to use Razorpay or Instamojo.

Razorpay provides almost all the features you will ever need while doing eCommerce business. It only doesn’t have the option to add affiliate of your product

Instamojo is a very good choice if you are selling digital products like eBook, course, etc. as it doesn’t have that much cost associated and you can easily add affiliate too those products.

If you need any help in adding payment gateway in your woocommerce site you can contact me

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