19 Domain Name Generator To Find Unforgettable Domains Easily

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Choosing a perfect domain name for your business website is not an easy task as it represents your brand so you want it to be the best and easy to remember domain name which can also describe your site niche.

When you are starting your blog you come up with perfect and unique domain name but .com domain is already registered and all your research, your plans with that name got wasted and you feel like giving up or to do it later which may lead to not doing it

But now it will not take much time to come up with a new domain name that available and suits your needs. 

You can also use domain name modifiers with domain name generators tools to come up with a good domain name easily and quickly

Once You have chosen your domain name you can Register your domain name from NameCheap

Try the below-mentioned domain name generator which will help you and which helped me to come up with a domain name that can represent your brand.

List of Domain Name Generators

Lean Domain Search

lean domain search, domain name generator blogging partner

It is one of the most used domain name search tools many bloggers use this tool to come up with domain name for there blogs 

Just enter the keyword you like or keyword you want your domain name should include and hit the search button, it will come up with hundreds of domain name suggestions of .com domain with this tool you can also 

  • Share your ideas with your business partner or with someone you can take a second opinion
  • Sort results according to its popularity, length and in alphabetical order
  • Filter according to word appearing in starting or ending of the name
  • Directly confirm if a domain name is available or not with just a click 
  • You can also register your domain name through Bluehost with just a click

Most of the name you find will not be so good but it will give you some ideas which can be used to come up with great domain name

Name Mesh

namemesh, best domain name generator for blogging partner

NameMesh is my favorite domain name generator and the name of my website (BloggingPartner.com) is also generated using NameMesh. It generates all types of domain names from common name to long sort and even SEO friendly keyword-rich domain name.

NameMesh Automatically detects if a domain is available or not.

NameMesh has endless domain name suggestions you have to just scroll down and down.

Using NameMesh you can create unforgettable domain names

This generator breaks domain suggestion result into following categories:

  • Common
  • Similar
  • SEO
  • Fun
  • Short
  • Extra
  • Mix
  • Premium

You can also filter results based on domain extensions, max character length, and you can also hide the registered domain.

Bust A Name

bust a name, domain name generator blogging partner

BustAName offers you with two options for domain name search one is domain name maker and other is a domain name search 

Domain search will combine all your words and create a domain name, it also provides you with suggestions related to words enter by you

Domain name generator will generator by combining your keyword with prefix or suffix as selected by you 

  • You can also select the max number of characters that a domain can have up to 15 letters 
  • You can also use a random name generator to choose a domain name if you don’t have any keywords in your mind
  • You can also select if the word appearing is should be natural or less natural
  • It also provide option to select from .com,.net, .org, .info or .biz domain name extension
  • You can also register your domain with one click using different registrars and it even compares the price of different registrars so it helps you to get the best deal for you
  • You can also save the domain name you like and choose the perfect domain name

Domain Wheel

domain wheel, domain name generator blogging partner

It is best and easy to use domain name generator tool , it has a very attractive design and a lot of advanced functionality  

  • It provides option to select from 15 TDL like .com, .net, biz, .club, .org and much more
  • If you can’t come up with domain ideas you can scroll down a little and use the random domain name and even after that you have an option to choose a rhyming 
  • Advanced features also include SEO oriented domain name generation, combination feature that allows making catchy rhymes if you want to make something original or funky domain name
  • It also allows registering a domain via Bluehost with just a single click


nameaboy, domain name generator blogging partner

NameBoy help you to find domain name according to keyword you enter

Just enter keyword(s) and instantly it will come up with great domain name ideas .

It is a fantastic tool if you want to create your domain name from scratch

Nameboy check availability of domain name through bluehost


wordoid, domain name generator blogging partner

It is one of the great tools to come up with a domain name, it is not so popular but works great It creates a great domain name 

  • Wordoid supports different languages which are German, English, Spanish, French, and itailan.
  • You can also select max word length and pattern of the keyword
  • It uses GoDaddy and NameCheap as a domain registrar.
  • It doesn’t have an easy to use interface but is a powerful domain name generator and it contains a great list of random domain name


panabee,easy to use domain name generator blogging partner

Panabee is a domain name generator which is also used as business name generator, it is very easy to use and have a user-friendly interface it will show available name as the blue heart and if the name is already taken then it will show it as a broken heart 

If you scroll down a little you can also check if all major social handles are available or not 

If your name is not available then it will show you related terms which you can use to register your domain name 

It supports 50+ domain name extensions 


domain in , domain name generator blogging partner

It is also one of the domain name generator tools it checks all the extension of domain availability or not of the keyword entered by you 

Domainit is an individual domain registrar so it doesn’t rely on any other domain registrar 

It support almost all the domain extension



Namestall has lot of tools to help you to choose the best domain name it have a lot of filters like to use popular keywords, part of speech,basic english words and industry categories

You can also choose if you want your keyword at the beginning or end of the domain name

It supports a lot of popular domain registrar and it also do compare prices of different registrars

Domains Bot

domain bot

Domain bot is both a domain search tool as well as domain name generator. you start by searching for a keyword on Domains bot it will provide you with all the available ideas, keywords that can be used with it, or combination of words.

You can filter the domain name by its extension language or by synonyms, prefixes, or suffixes.

Shopify Business Name Generator

shopify domain name generator

Shopify is an E-commerce platform which let users create own E-Commerce website without much knowledge of coding 

Shopify Business Name Generator is a tool provided by Shopify to let users come up with a great business name for their eCommerce Site

Shopify Business Name Generator is E-Commerce domain name generator 

When you register through this site you are prompt to create an eCommerce site with that domain so for you it’s better to use it just for domain name ideas and then go to another domain name registrar and then register your domain name 

Instant Domain Search 

Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search is good when you have a domain name in mind.

It checks all the available extensions and suggests some domain name if you want to also reserve a similar domain name to maintain your brand name. It even lets you know who owns the domain name using WHOIS.

They will also let you know which domain name available for auction. It will let you instantly make an offer to buy a registered domain name. 

If you like a domain in one click you can buy your domain name through godaddy or directly create your wix site or create a shopify store

I Want My Name

19 Domain Name Generator To Find Unforgettable Domains Easily 1

I Want My Name is another site which is used when you know what domain name you want to buy it is used when you want to make sure that you buy all the available domain name extensions so that you can save your brand name you can hide taken domain name extension and see the price of available domain and add those to cart and buy that domain name


Dot-o-Mator screen shot domain nme generator

Dot-o-Mator is a simple name generator you can use when you have no idea what domain you want to have.

Choose two categories to use as ending and beginnings to your domain and you will get combinations of words of selected categories. You can also enter some of the keywords you want your domain to have in any of the lists. You can also save your domain name list I a Scratchbox.

You can also try Web 2.0 Name Generator to get a random and unique business name or domain name 

You can also use my list of domain name modifiers which you can use as prefix or suffix with your keyword

Name Station

Name Station

Start using name station by creating your account using email or facebook. In this tool you can get the following features:

  • Domain name generator
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Public name contests
  • Instant Availability Checker

This site supports multiple domain name extensions

You can even create random domain name if you don’t getting idea for your domain name.

Web Hosting Geeks

Web Hosting Geeks screen shot

Web Hosting geeks is mainly used for creating a great and creative business name and also tell us if the domain name is available or not. 

You can also choose a business name based on business size and size of the customer base and demographics of your business to make a better match for your business domain name needs. 

Advanced options allow us to choose character length to be 5,10, 15,20,25,30 and location of the keyword as in the beginning, middle, or at the end.

You can also search from many domain name extensions.

When you like a name it will check whether a domain name is available or not, it even checks whether a twitter handle is available or not.



DomainTyper is the one-stop solution for your domain name needs.

When you enter your search term first thing it does is check if any of the top level domain name extension of that term is available or not.

Its instantly generate some domain name ideas and if you like one of them then you can directly buy domain name through Godaddy or add it to Favorites.

You can also make a liked name as search term and also check if all the social handles of that same name is available or not.


DomainPuzzler screen shot

Choosing a domain name is not an easy task you may come up with a lot of domain name ideas. 

DomainPuzzler can be used to check availability of a multiple domain names at one which saves your precious time you can also search among multiple extensions at once.

You may also come up with many keywords which is related to your site and you want to create a domain name using a combination of those keywords then.

You can also put preferred domain name into favorites list. 

Advance option include tools to compare domain name page rank

There is a magic option where popular words will be matched with your keywords.

Domain Hole

Domain Hole

Domain Hole is also a go to tool when you want to create a professional business website.

Domain Hole is different from all of the other domain name generation tools as it shows the domain name which are expiring soon and will be available for sale if its owner didn’t renew it.

Which means that domain name will be having some content on it and it means that domain name will be have backlinks pointing to it. So it will decrease your seo efforts.

Signing up will let you filter your domain name result on the following bases:

  • Google indexed domain names
  • Dmoz listed domain names
  • Exclude adults domain name
  • Exclude Hyphens or numbers
  • Number of Characters 
  • Price 
  • Age 
  • Alexa rank 
  • Domain authority 
  • Backlinks 
  • Page flow
  • Trust flow
  • Citation flow

The only issue with this domain name generator is you have take a pain for signing up for a free account and if you want to use all of its features you have to sign up for the paid plan which might not work if you only want to get one domain name.

This tool is heavily used by people who do domain flipping means by the people who buy a domain name at cheap price and sell to companies or cooperates in high price this tool helps them get expiring domain data which can be sold at a high price.

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