The Simplest Method to Find your Niche

Find your Niche for Beginners (Simplest method)

Finding a niche is the most important step before you start blogging. It can make or break your blogging carrier as choosing a wrong niche may result that you stop blogging for a lifetime and If you are able to find a successful niche it will boost your confidence and will let you earn ton lot of money.

If you make a blog in which you write about everything you know and no one read your blog then it will be very difficult for you to make a living out of it

Not choosing a niche is the easiest way to lose in the blogging game

So you should always first find your niche and stick to it.

If you are able to find a good niche then you will be able to rank easily and quickly and make a lot of money through it

A lot of people ask me questions like

  • How should I choose my niche?
  • What is the best niche to start earning?
  • On what topic start my blog on?
  • What is the easiest niche to rank?
  • How can I find my niche for earning money?

Most of the newbie ask me that how can I find a niche from which I can earn money fast

Before you start blogging you must know that you cannot start earning from the next day, it takes time to start earning from your brand new blog, so you have to be patient and be consistent while creating your blog to start earning from it.

You will have to invest in your blog to grow it exponentially

Now time to answer most import question of new bloggers “How to choose my niche

Follow these steps to find your niche

  • Take a pen and paper
  • Write down all interest and things you knowledge about 
  • To get Get ideas you can think of
    • What are your biggest passions and interests in your life?
    • Do you have any previous work experience that could potentially turn into a business?
    • What kind of business you want to do? What is your dream business?
    • What are your hobbies?
    • Make sure to write all of them even the weird ones, like you know how to maintain your car
    • You may be good at music, personal finance, programming, graphic designing etc. Just write it down
    • Write down subject what you know maybe because of the degree you have or class you are studying in.
    • Go and see your Google history and YouTube search and watch history from that you can get ideas what you know and what other people also want to know about
    • Take ideas from sites like Amazon, Udemy, Quora,Facebook groups etc.

Now I hope you have noted down your niche ideas using above method Now what to do next?

Simply answer the following questions and do analyse on what niche you should work on

Some Important Questions you should ask yourself before starting your blog

Que. 1) Can you write about the topic for three to six months without getting bored

As you know business takes time to grow, blogging is also a type of business

And you know that for growing your business, the business has to create and sell a problem-solving product

Similarly, you have to create a more and more problem-solving blog post

So suppose you choose a niche and after some week you are not getting ideas to write an article about, and you started getting bored while writing an article

In this case, you will not able to get success in that niche

So, in the beginning, you should choose a niche in which you enjoy writing about or sharing your views on that topic.

And If you are able to write about a niche consistency. It will also help in SEO of your site as a search engine will notice your consistency and will rank you higher

If you don’t know about SEO then don’t worry I will cover this topic some other day in some other post in detail. For now, SEO stands for search engine optimisation or technique to rank your on higher on search engine

Que. 2) Are people interested to know about the topic

This is also a very important question to answer as if you create a blog in which no one is interested in then its waste of your time and your resources

So choose a niche that people are interested to know about and they are also people search for

Now you would be thinking that how can you know that people are searching for it or not 

Don’t worry I am here to help you

Search for keywords related to your niche

Search for broad topics in your niche and super targeted topics

For example, let us say you decide to make a blog related to cooking so you may do searching for keywords likecooking tips“, “cooking recipes“, “cooking recipes for kids less than 5 years

From this search, you are checking if there are blogs written for your topic or any videos made for it or not. Are there dedicated websites or blogs for that topic If Yes, then it means that people are reading and searching about that topic

Do in-depth keyword research

You can use free tools like Google keyword planner and UberSuggest

and if you can invest in pro tools like I use to do which will give you much accurate data you can use tools like SEMrush. Try using it now from the search box given below.

Now, let us see how you can use Google keyword planner to help to choose your niche. It is completely free you need to just sign up to Google AdWords which you can do easily with your existing Gmail account.

If You see more than 10,000 search volume per month for your main keyword and total more than 50,000 for related keywords than its a great sign that you are choosing a great niche

Use Google Keyword Planner

Put your main keyword and some related keywords in the search box and do a target setting of search country and language For me target country is India and language is english.

Find your niche using keyword planner 1

On the next page, it will show you the number of searches of that keyword per month

Find your niche using keyword planner results

If you scroll down you can see related keyword and get more ideas about your niche

The Simplest Method to Find your Niche 1

Search On Amazon

Amazon is a great research tool as well. Amazon has a lot of data about what people are buying so they know what people are searching for, for a given keyword. Search for your main keyword and also some related keyword if you find your results than it means you can work on it

Find your niche using amazon

Search On Udemy

Udemy is the well known site for online courses and also it can act as a great research tool, think like this if people are buying and selling courses about some topic that means they are definitely reading, learning about those topics and even they are paying for that information. so this is one of the best ways to know what people want to know

Find your niche using udemy

Tip: If you are serious about your blog success you will have to invest in keyword tools like SEMrush as it will let you get you laser-targeted keyword which people search for, and if you use these tools you can also find keywords which have high search volumes and very less competition.

I personally use SEMrush as my keyword research tool and you should use it too. Try SEMrush from search box given below. Put your keyword or your competition.

Que. 3) Can money can be made in that niche? Is Your niche profitable?

This is the most important point, as you are creating a blog, you are investing your money, time and maybe sacrificing partying playing games with friends so you should also think about earning money from your blog

So suppose you choose your niche and after some time working on your blog you realise that you cannot earn money or there is a lot of competition in that industry and you are not able to rank your blog so you will feel very bad as you have invested your precious time and money

So it is better you research about earning ways and your competition before starting your blog

To know if you want to can you make money from  your niche blog or not, answer the following questions

  • Do another blog in the same niche are earning or not?
  • Do another blog on the same niche is promoting any product.
  • Do another blog in the same niche having ads on their site
  • Can I do affiliate marketing in that niche
    • Search for “niche topic” + “affiliate programs” if you find results join those affiliate programs and start promoting them
  • Can you make your own products like courses, e-books, etc that people might be interested in purchasing?
    • Do visit sites like Amazon, Udemy and search for ebooks, products and courses which people buy  

Check if there are affiliate programs related to your niche

One of the easiest way to check if there is affiliate program related to your niche simply search for niche topic” + “affiliate programs” and niche topic” + “partner programs” if you find results join those affiliate programs and start promoting them

let us take an example of cooking again, so if your niche is “cooking” than you will google search for “cooking affiliate programs” and “cooking partner programs“.

If you find results than it means you can promote those products and make money through your blog.

But earning from affiliate marketing depends on your writing style, you have to write in a way that people do buy products after reading your blog.

Whenever you search for a topic you will always find that content is written with the different writing style, all have a different perspective. one blog may talk about “good food” as “healthy food” or for some “good food” means “tasty food“.

Check out Amazon

If you can find products related to your niche then you can do affiliate of that product

Like in the cooking industry you can promote kitchen products like kitchen utensils, knives etc

Check out Udemy

You can also check out Udemy for the related course and promote their affiliate course. Or taking ideas from there create your own course

like in cooking you can promote cooking course, maybe some recipes course, Some E-book, etc.

Que 4) Check if you can easily rank your site

Use Tools for Niche Research and to SPY others

To do your niche research here are the tools you can use to get some help to research your niche.

SEMrush: It’s a great tool to do niche research and its also known for spying your competition, using this tool you get information about keywords on which your competition is ranking, what keywords people are searching for and it also provides different matrix through which you can determine which keyword is easy to rank and you can prioritise your work accordingly.

Its very simple to use as well just enter your competitors URL and get information for what all terms your competition is ranking for. Try it down below

Long Tail Pro: You can enter as many as keywords in the tool and set a filter to get the best keyword. You can also see how popular the keyword. SPY your competition and much more.

Google Keyword planner: Its a free tool offered by google you just need to sign for google Adwords. just a downside of this tool is that you don’t get the perfect data it shows just the range of search volume for example (1 to 100, 1k to 10k) which is useful initially but not in long term to prioritise your work as good as a paid tool like SEMrush and Long Tail Pro do

Google Trends: To know if your niche is going to increase in popularity or on the decline, checking the historic data is the best way. And yes Google trends is also a free tool offered by Google.

Make a list of topics which you think you can write about, have information about and which are profitable according to research done by you. Spend some time researching the topics as you may be writing on those for topics for months and even years to come.

Do In Depth Competition Analysis

Doing Competition analysis is must as you running your online business you should know about your competition if you want to be Number 1 in your industry.

Competition analysis helps you get the information that what people want to know in your niche, what people are searching for, what type of services your competition is providing.

It will also give you information about the size of your competition and if you watch your competition closely it will be easy for you to outrank them learn from there mistakes and use their keyword research to help your blog to grow at a much faster pace

You must be thinking it is difficult to daily visit your competition blog and check what changes they have done to their site. But there is a good thing with the right tools you can do it with ease.

With these tools will easily get information about which niche is more profitable, how they are earning money, what type of content they are publishing on their blog, how many people are reading how many of their posts, what are their marketing strategies, what are their traffic sources and much more.

SEMrush: I had already discussed about SEMrush, the main reason I am talking about it, again and again, is that it is a very great tool, it is like a must have tool if you want to be a successful blogger. you can do competition analysis with ease just enter the domain and you will get information about keywords driving the most traffic to your competition blog, for what all keywords a page is ranking, etc.

Moz: It is a very popular tool as well, it the site which ranks sites based on their own ranking algorithm from 0 to 100, higher the ranking higher the domain authority of the website. it also ranks individual blog post and gives them ranking from 0 to 100, using Moz you can know what is the best post for that topic than you can easily analyse that post and write better content than that.

You will have to spend a good amount of time to analyse your competition which will help you to outrank them

Some Tips

Try to solve reader problem

If you are able to solve your reader’s problem than you will get a ton of traffic on your site and your readers will start trusting you and will be ready to buy your recommended products or even pay for your consultancy services  

To know what all problems your readers face

  • See your search history you will get to know what you searched for and what people might be searching for and what all the problems you face
  • Visit forums site like Quora, search for a topic you are interested in and see what problems do readers face and try to solve them via your blog post

Join online forums

It will help you to know what people are searching for and on what topics the wants the answer for.

You can use forums like Quora, Reddit. you can also search for forms by searching “niche” + “forum”.

After you get information about what people are searching for, now you can make blog posts related to those topics answering people questions.

Forums can be a great source of traffic and can also help you to boost your credibility in that niche

Some niche production tips

Start with keyword research

Make sure you do in depth keyword research so that in the beginning you get the idea what all topic you have to write on and how much time will it take you to rank your site

If you can you must invest in pro tools like SEMrush for your keyword research as it makes keyword research a lot easy and you will get all information at one place, you can get keyword ideas from your competition and it will help you to outrank them.

Create a community around your blog

If you are able to create a community around you will be able to make audience which read your post regularly, may buy stuff which will you recommend, you can get first hand information what your readers want to read, what problems they are facing.

Be consistent with your content

If you are consistent with your content like if you can provide a new piece of helpful content on the same day like a new post every Sunday then you will be able to create readers habit to open your site on that day and will boost your content readability, your site SEO and your domain authority

Produce thorough helpful content

Write a thorough, helpful and in depth content which solves all of your readers’ problems. create content in a way that after reading your content they don’t need to search for that topic on any other site.


Finding your niche is not so difficult. but its most important thing

  • Treat blogging as a business, you will have to invest your money and time in it
  • Note down as many ideas you can get for your niche on pen and paper.
  • Take time to find your niche.
  • Use sites like Quora, Reddit, Facebook groups, competitors site, google suggestions to know what people are searching for.
  • Do intensive keyword research using tools like Google keyword planner, SEMrush so you don’t criticize yourself after some time.
  • Check sites like Amazon and Udemy to know what all things you can write about, what people are buying in your niche.
  • You can make money with your blog using Adsense or by doing affiliate marketing, or even you can promote your own product or services.
  • You can sell products like E-book, your informational course, or a service.
  • You can do affiliate of products on Amazon or do affiliate of courses on Udemy.
  • Do competition analysis by visiting there blogs, see what all they have published (PRO Tip: Use tools like Buzzsumo, SEMrush, Moz, etc to do competition analysis as it tells you lot of things at once)
  • Create a community around your niche, solve reader problem.
  • Join online forums to know what people want to know about.
  • Be consistent with your content

I hope I was able to solve your problem to find your niche if you are facing any issue comment down bellow I will try my best to help you out.

I hope you have found your Niche, now its time to start your blog, You can read my detailed guide on how to start your blog

Tell me to know in the comments what all you like about this post and what all I can add in this post which had helped you in the past to find your niche.

Or reach out to me on my Whatsapp and ask your queries (Please don’t start calling me and be patient)

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